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Compitav has experience with home networking, entertainment hardware installation, and more.

Failing Hardware

If your hardware is struggling to keep up with your business growth, you may need a fresh infrastructure design and innovative hardware solutions.


  • Receive Expert Advice for Edge Computing Dynamics
  • Integrate the Best-Fit Hardware to Complement Your Cloud Computing Needs
  • Develop a Robust Strategy for Cybersecurity Protection
  • Tap Into the Value of the Internet of Things
  • Accelerate the Mobility & Efficiency of Your Workforce with the Right Hardware

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Slow Internet Speeds

Are slow internet speeds plaguing your flow of business and challenging your teams? Let Compitav speed things up for you!


  • Get reliable internet access throughout your premises. We’ve implemented Managed Wi-Fi solutions for hotels, factories, and education institutions.
  • Relieve your IT department from handling internet problems. We’ll monitor and troubleshoot problems remotely. We guarantee 100% uptime.
  • Sit back with the knowledge that your network is secure. We’ll help you respond to any potential threats to the network’s integrity.

Speed Up Your Internet with Compitav!

Have a Big Upcoming IT Project?

Does your strategic growth plan include the implementation of a major IT project? Are you worried about your lean team’s ability to oversee this project? Let us provide the project management support you need!


  • Our team will handle the vetting and selection of the best-fit vendors for your project.
  • Our team will help develop protective contracts and service agreements.
  • Our team will oversee the details of your project implementation for best results.
  • Our team will measure accountability at every level so you remain on time, on budget, and within specifications of your project.

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Competitors Outpacing You in Technology?

Is your business still relying on legacy technology while your competitors are evolving? Catch up and surge ahead with the right IT growth strategy that allows you to harness the very latest technologies and innovations.


  • Receive constant updates regarding the very latest industry trends most important to your bottom line.
  • Leverage ongoing expert advice to remain agile and dynamic as your company grows.
  • Conduct routine threat analysis to spot strategic positioning advantages ahead of the competition.
  • Access the latest hiring and training initiatives to hone the skills of your growing staff.

Surge Ahead of the Competition
with the Right Technology

Extensive experience in your sectorSolutions By Industry


The public service sector and municipal governments have diverse and vast IT needs. From dedicated servers to backup petabytes of data, your system needs a dynamic partner who understands the various demands and requirements of IT for government.


  • We advise public sector institutions on the right technology frameworks to adopt based on current and future needs.
  • We have the capacity to assist in the implementation of cloud computing projects and migration from legacy systems.
  • We conduct threat assessments and tests to give opinions on the security robustness of institutional systems.
  • Our team crafts security strategies for public institutions.
  • With data protection evolving, our compliance experts help institutions understand what’s required of them and how to deal with regulatory risk.

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The hospitality industry needs a robust IT infrastructure to maximize revenue and efficiency. Our expert team understands what today’s hospitality industry businesses need to squeeze every advantage out of seamless IT solutions.


  • Let our teams optimize your systems, including software toolkits, to prevent roadblocks in your customers’ journeys or employees’ workflows.
  • Let our teams implement strategic cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive data.
  • Let our teams integrate booking management, customer relationship management, and marketing automation for better synergy and away from traditionally siloed systems that might be bogging down your efficiencies.

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Avoid operations paralyzation with inefficient IT systems in manufacturing. Let our team help you improve overall production while reducing overhead ongoing.

  • Leverage cost-saving solutions with routine operational audits to spot robotic process automation opportunities.
  • Develop property data storage and management systems. 
  • Make immediate use of metrics and analytics relevant to your bottom line with a robust data collection pipeline.
  • Spot gaps in infrastructure and talent to maintain the highest level of performance ongoing.

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Stay agile as an e-Commerce business with the right IT infrastructure and solutions. 

  • Eliminate security threats to your online operations and receive actionable advice to protect what matters most to your business.
  • Monitor performance metrics in real-time with a dedicated partner.
  • Stay compliant with data security requirements and demands across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Scale quickly and efficiently with an outsourced, managed Wi-Fi service for guaranteed uptime.

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