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Compitav has experience with startups and grocery store chains. Whatever the job, you’re in good hands.

Strategy and Research

Stay agile in a dynamic environment. We help you craft and implement strategies to achieve your short and long-term goals ongoing. We continuously have a finger on the pulse of the very latest trends in our tech industry, so your business can keep up and stay ahead in yours, reduce overhead costs, and provide better experiences for both your clients and staff.

Unified Communications

From internet, phones, chat and collaboration, a healthy and robust communication infrastructure requires continuous adaptation and evolution. We help you deploy and manage a secure and compliant communication strategy that grows with your business and requires zero downtime. 

Project Management

Whether it’s multi-site consolidations or cloud migrations, our teams can help you manage the complexities of it all. Project management is a commitment partnered with expertise to ensure a seamless experience in every endeavor to deploy and document both large and small-scale projects. When brands like Petco, McDonald’s, and Burger King trust our project management, rest assured that you can, too.

Managed Wi-Fi & Guest Networks

Don’t let slow Wi-Fi negatively affect your brand experience. Our managed Wi-Fi and guest network services guarantee stable and high internet speeds for increased productivity and great customer experiences and staff efficiency.

Business Computers

Better hardware just unlocks better performance. We will help you consider, select, and implement the smartest hardware solutions for your operations, making every invested dollar count towards a more streamlined and efficient network. 

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Conference & Collaboration

Connecting teams and creating an environment of collaboration requires genius designs of conference rooms and configurations. We can help you connect all of your teams, clients, and colleagues with the best conference room tools and resources. Whether you’re interested in improving a single-use setup or a dynamic series of rooms for multi-platform connection, we have what you need to create the most efficient and engaging experience. 

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