COVID-19 Resources for you and your company

As things attempt to go back to a sense of normalcy there’s a few things that we have learned from this pandemic, for better or worse.  Our clients who adopted all cloud solutions prior to this happening reported next to zero loss in labor or business, in fact many of them report “the greatest revenue in last 5 years”.. One of our clients, a home mortgage company reported doing an entire years business in 3 months better then all 2019 combined!  Wow!

So how can so many be doing so great, yet others be doing horrific.  I feel this comes down to a couple things.  

What is your industry and niche?  If it relied on things like tourism, yeah there isn’t many ways to avoid that which is why we work with companies like Consult ROI which have taught our clients to diversify and build revenue that is essentially “crash proof”.  While they may have not predicted it would have been a virus that caused this, they did predict that majority of people would choose to start working from home and that it was essential to allow you and your staff to work wherever needed both for the sake of efficiency as well as cost effectiveness.

So what are a few things that you can do now?

Well if you haven’t gone completely to the cloud or even hybrid solution allowing you and your staff to work remotely and work effectively, we’d suggest that for starters.  It may be a lot more cost effective then you think.

How can you ensure your staff stay safe?

Sanitizing and helping your staff keep best practices for hygiene is a great starter.  This includes both physically as well as security wise.  We’ve noticed a substantial number of increased phishing scams that have seeing a growing footprint. These include scams such as “we’re calling about your COVID relief fund, I just need your bank account info” etc.  Educated your employees on these to avoid substantial heartache and stress during this time.