Alright, so your pc or mac won’t get online so you went on your smartphone to figure out why.

Here’s the main things you need to check;

  1. Are you using a cable or is it connected to the wireless?   (if you don’t know I’ll show you how to find out)
  2.  Is your modem showing link lights?
  3.  Has anything changed? was there a power surge, did you recently have someone come do construction work around the house? this may help narrow down where the problem resides

Finding Out the Connection Type:

Wired Connection Windows

Wireless Connection Windows

Wireless Connection Mac

If there is an yellow “!” or red “X” then you’re disconnected from internet, check cable going from back of pc.  If you’re on wireless then see if you can see other nearby wireless networks, if you can’t then your wireless adapter may have been disabled.

On a laptop this sometimes has a switch or button that looks like a signal wave on your keyboard, check and see if this somehow was disabled.

If you can see other wireless networks and/or cable is connected correctly then you’ll need to find your modem, if you have a satellite/dish connection it may have just a poe (power over ethernet) injector, check that power and 2 data or ethernet cables are connected. DO NOT switch them up as it can cause problems with your pc.

If you don’t see green lights for internet, or you have poe injector, call your internet provider to verify connection and operation from their end.

If all of these things check out and are good then most likely you have either hardware failure or software issue on pc itself.

Call one of our tech professionals if you’d like us to be able to help you

Advanced Issues:

right click, troubleshoot internet connection. If error comes back with “DNS” issue then right click on wireless/wired adapter, open “network & internet settings” go to “change adapter settings”, right click on adapter. Go to “properties”.  select IPv4 Change as shown below.  Verify it’s fixed.  

(For macbook pro’s and apple computers, go to internet settings and change to same settings as shown below, your screen will just look slightly different)